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David Godwin says of the operation, “When the seeds are planted, we’re there. When the potatoes are harvested, we’re there. And we’re on the packing line all the way to putting boxes on the truck.”

Farming Operations

    At Godwin Produce Company, we grow sweet potatoes. We know what it means to till the soil, to prepare the land, to plow the fields.
    We know what it means to maintain an excellent seed program, to bed those seed potatoes, and to perpetuate
a variety of sweet potatoes.
    We start the chain of quality early by planting micropropagated Beauregard, Covington, and Hernandez varieties to ensure our crop is more uniform in size, shape, and appearance.
    During the growing season, we use the best management practices available to fertilize and protect our crop from harmful weeds, insects, and diseases that can plague sweet potato fields in the Carolinas.

    We are there to see the quality results of our careful selection and planting during harvest. From digging up the potatoes to loading them onto the trucks headed for the curing barns, our goal is to maintain quality in our sweet potato crop.
Farm Manager Andy House

Packing-Shipping Operations


    Once the sweet potatoes are carefully harvested, they are transported to our newly expanded climate-controlled storage facilities, part of a major overall renovation plan. Today, we have storage for 300,000 bushels of sweet potatoes, including 100,000 bushels in climate-controlled storage rooms. This enables our company to ship the same quality sweet potatoes throughout the year, whether it’s for Thanksgiving or Memorial Day.
    During the packing and shipping of the sweet potatoes, we also know what it means to provide our customers with the best quality product for their grocery store shelves or restaurant or foodservice guests.
    Godwin Produce is also small enough for David, his father, Anthony, mother Charlotte, and family members Joe and Eleanor Blackman to provide hands-on help on the packing line to assure quality produce. Sometimes David's wife, Barbara, helps out on the packing line as well.

Warehouse Manager Greg Tart
We also serve the sweet potato canner market.
    Predominately a shipper to retail chains along the East Coast, Godwin Produce has also seen steady sales growth to the foodservice industry. Our mechanized packing line provides a variety of sizes for foodservice distributors.
    At Godwin Produce Company, everyone is committed to the hard work required to produce a sweet potato pack we can be proud of and worthy to carry the Godwin Produce name.
    We also recognize the importance of a first-rate food safety program that includes both food safety and sanitation practices. A clean, safe crop is good for us, but also the environment, the produce buyer or food service provider, as well as the consumer of our nutritious sweet potatoes.
   We realize that quality and safety go hand-in-hand. In order to produce what we consider a “quality” product, care must be taken to protect not only the appearance and taste of our sweet potatoes, but also their integrity as a food that is safe to eat.
Safety & Quality
    We devote considerable time, money and resources to ensuring safe, quality products. All of our sweet potatoes are grown, packed and distributed using Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS). We voluntarily undergo food safety audits from our staff of food safety experts and again through independent, third party auditors each and every growing season.
Our Traceability Program allows us to trace each individual box of sweet potatoes from our distribution point back to a specific loaction in a field. This provides another safety net for our sweet potatoes. We take pride in providing customers with a safe, as well as a quality product.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are a collection of principles for on-farm production and post-production ensuring a safe and healthy food product.

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